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Monday Updates

I hope your Memorial Day and the weekend has been awesome 🙂

Just a reminder to check out my post about keeping those who’ve served in our minds and hearts. Plus, I’m calling this time of year my Blogversary, so you can win some neat stuff, including a free e-book. Check it out.

I got a great review (my first) for Dragos 4: Inflamed by The Romance Studio: 4 stars. “I love the way Kallyn brought them all back together for an all out magic war at the end. The characters are strong and determined, and while the magic flares up all around them, there is no coincidence to what they can do or not do. Kallyn has clearly defined their strengths and limitations throughout the series. That definition makes for a very honest magical read. Very well done. Summer is coming, so heat up your world with the Dragos family of fire-breathing dragons.” Read in Full here.

And, All Romance E-Books is giving a 50% e-book rebate sale this whole weekend. If you buy an ebook, like, say, one of mine, you’ll get 50% of the price back 🙂 Books for free, WOOT! Who can beat that?

In deference to the holiday, I’ll be doing a post later about sexy and yummy men in uniform.

So bad

Yes. I admit it. I’ve been bad.

I need a sexy, bare-chested guy in skin-tight leather pants to come spank me 🙂

The good news is, I’ve been keeping up with my 2 group blogs (see the right hand side). The bad thing is, between my schedule and the cold that is *STILL* lingering in my chest, I haven’t updated this poor little blog in a few weeks.

Shame on me.

Well. I have some good news.

Dragos 2 came out in January. Dragos 3 (for which I’m currently doing edits on) is scheduled for March 11th. Eek. That’s only a month away.

And Dragos 4 is slowly being written when I get a few moments of breathing & brain lucidity. Luckily, though the cold is still in my chest, I’ve actually been able to think a little the last few days.

YAY for me 🙂

Also, this week is Digicon, a free online workshop at Go check it out. Publishers, Editors, Authors are sharing their knowledge (and/or taking pitches) and it’s all free.

Plus, I’m giving a workshop this week on the E-Volution of Publishing and what it means to authors 🙂

See you Wed. Promise.

~ Amber

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