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So bad

Yes. I admit it. I’ve been bad.

I need a sexy, bare-chested guy in skin-tight leather pants to come spank me 🙂

The good news is, I’ve been keeping up with my 2 group blogs (see the right hand side). The bad thing is, between my schedule and the cold that is *STILL* lingering in my chest, I haven’t updated this poor little blog in a few weeks.

Shame on me.

Well. I have some good news.

Dragos 2 came out in January. Dragos 3 (for which I’m currently doing edits on) is scheduled for March 11th. Eek. That’s only a month away.

And Dragos 4 is slowly being written when I get a few moments of breathing & brain lucidity. Luckily, though the cold is still in my chest, I’ve actually been able to think a little the last few days.

YAY for me 🙂

Also, this week is Digicon, a free online workshop at Go check it out. Publishers, Editors, Authors are sharing their knowledge (and/or taking pitches) and it’s all free.

Plus, I’m giving a workshop this week on the E-Volution of Publishing and what it means to authors 🙂

See you Wed. Promise.

~ Amber

Beating the blues

I don’t know what it is lately. The weather here has been great – mid-70’s and sunny. My oldest is between activities, which has freed up time in the evenings to just hang out together.

But I’ve just been feeling down. I don’t know if there’s really a song or not, but the words, “I’ve got the blues” keeps singing in my head.

One thing I’ve been doing is revising my urban fantasy. I came close a few times last year to finding an agent. And while they “Love the premise”, the general consensus is I need to work on my world-building and characterization.

I’ve learned a lot about the craft since then, and so I’m trying to apply it to the UF. I don’t know if I’m feeling like it’s a mountainous gargantuan task, or if I just don’t know where to begin first. The last two days, I’ve been rewriting my opening, trying to make my character more likeable and sympathetic, while making it a ‘hook’. Part of this is re-reading some of my favorite books and studying their openings.

The good news: I’ve finally started reading again 🙂 It’s been a little while since I actually sat down and just read. Partly, I blame the TV.

**Note to self – less TV

But a small part of me, you know, the evil editor deep inside that for some reason I can’t seem to shut up lately, is constantly telling me that even though I’m published with my erotic romance, I’m never going to make it to NY with my urban fantasy.

I KNOW it’s a lie. That voice is full of shit. Because I’m going to work my ass off and never give up until I get there.

But it won’t shut up 🙂

So, I’ve decided to make a plan.

I’m going to write down the steps I need to take to rewriting/editing my urban fantasy.

Then I’m going to number them.  Once that’s done, I’ll have a plan.

I work well when I have a plan. I love goals.

And I know, once I get deep into working through it, I’ll finally be able to shut that stupid voice up.


How do you get rid of the blues?

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