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Yummy Mondays ~ #SummerFun

For those hot days, here’s something to cool… erm, warm you up more?



Yummy Mondays ~ Sexiest Vampire?

As I started thinking about all the actors who’ve played vampires in the movies and on TV, I realized I need to catch up on some of my favorite shows.

In honor of my Spring release, Heart of a Vampire 1: Bloodstorm, I’m going to be doing a series on those sexy vampire actors.

Here’s where you come in.

Vote for who you think is the sexiest vampire, and I’ll showcase him.

Scroll below for a sample and leave a comment on who your favorite is. If I missed anyone, feel free to let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Happy viewing.

 From ‘Being Human’, Aiden Turner as “Mitchell”

Wesley Snipes as “Blade”

 David Boreanez as “Angel”

James Marsters as “Spike”

 Gerard Butler as “Dracula” in Dracula 2000

Gary Oldman as “Dracula” in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Lestat, “Interview with a Vampire”

Lestat, “Queen of the Damned”

Louis, “Interview with a Vampire””

David, “Lost Boys”

Mick St. John

Eric Northman, “True Blood”

Michael Corvin, “Underworld”

Damon Salvatore, “Vampire Diaries”

Stephan Salvatore, “Vampire Diaries”

And because I LOVE the movie… (and Leslie Neilson)…

Dracula, “Dead and Loving It”

Yummy Mondays ~ Take 2 David Boreanaz

Since he’s my most popular post, I’m giving you much more of David Boreanaz today.

Enjoy. *Mouth Waters*


Yummy Mondays ~ Back to School and Hot for Teacher

This sexy guy plays a teacher on Glee. Matthew Morrison, hello.

Wish I’d had teachers like this in school, LOL.

Matthew Morrison featured on cover of ‘Details’, show sexy abs at the beach (4)

Yummy Mondays ~ Mouth watering

This man has made my heart flutter since I was in my teens. I don’t know how old he is ~ and I don’t want to know, LOL. That would date me.


Boy, how I love Johnny Depp 🙂

Yummy Mondays ~ On Tuesday

K, so I’m still waiting for this whole vacation thing about summer to begin. The kids are keeping me busy… and I didn’t get this up on Monday.

I’m only 44 minutes away though, LOL.

This week, I have the sexy Matthew McConaughey. And, in summer tradition…


















And, one more 😉


Yummy Mondays ~ Sexy and wet

As I’m doing all this long, hard work (LOL) of searching for hot hunks to share on the blog, I realized something.

I like wet men.

Hugh Jackman sexiness.

I love this man ~ and Wolverine ROCKS!!!

Yummy Mondays ~ #romanceTradingCards Freebies if you can tell me this sexy mouthful

James Marsden Shirtless

The winners have been contacted. James Marsden my lovelies : )

The first three people who send an email to me: AmberKallyn (at) gmail (dot) com with the correct answer will receive a full set of Dragos #RomanceTradingCards

Give me his name 🙂

I will add his name here after I get the 3 winners. Good luck,

Have fun ;)~

Yummy Mondays ~ Who wants SEXY?

I shared this picture at my last TRS (The Romance Studion) release party the other week.

I HAVE to share it again.

When I found this picture, I almost licked my laptop screen. I’ve been in love with this man since the mid 90’s, when he was Angel.

Then, a while back, I found him on my TV again in a kickin’ show as FBI Agent Booth.

But this picture… OMG.

Can I jump in that bathtub, right now?

I just wanna lick this man dry. And then tie him up in bed.

For a few years.

Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to feed him, while he’s making me happy, LOL.


***That is not my drool you see reflected on your computer moniter. I swear. Honest.***

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