Yummy Mondays ~ Sexiest Vampire?

As I started thinking about all the actors who’ve played vampires in the movies and on TV, I realized I need to catch up on some of my favorite shows.

In honor of my Spring release, Heart of a Vampire 1: Bloodstorm, I’m going to be doing a series on those sexy vampire actors.

Here’s where you come in.

Vote for who you think is the sexiest vampire, and I’ll showcase him.

Scroll below for a sample and leave a comment on who your favorite is. If I missed anyone, feel free to let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Happy viewing.

 From ‘Being Human’, Aiden Turner as “Mitchell”

Wesley Snipes as “Blade”

 David Boreanez as “Angel”

James Marsters as “Spike”

 Gerard Butler as “Dracula” in Dracula 2000

Gary Oldman as “Dracula” in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Lestat, “Interview with a Vampire”

Lestat, “Queen of the Damned”

Louis, “Interview with a Vampire””

David, “Lost Boys”

Mick St. John

Eric Northman, “True Blood”

Michael Corvin, “Underworld”

Damon Salvatore, “Vampire Diaries”

Stephan Salvatore, “Vampire Diaries”

And because I LOVE the movie… (and Leslie Neilson)…

Dracula, “Dead and Loving It”

About Amber Kallyn

Amber Kallyn is the author of paranormal erotic romances and urban fantasy.

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  1. I vote for Mick St. John. HOT!!!!!

  2. Since there is a shameful lack of Jonathon Young’s delicious Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary), I guess I’ll have to plump for Mick St. John.


  3. Sanctuary is on that huge shelf of *to be watched ;)* but I’ll definately add him to the list.

  4. deeply torn between erick northman and damon salvatore. they are both so freaken sexy, and character wise both the bad boys with hearts lol. so who to pick????? ultimately: erick northman because he is so much hotter and though i love damon, erick is so much more a sweaty in real life.

  5. Can’t decide. 🙂

  6. My wife says Eric Northman.

  7. You forgot the sexiest vamp of all…gerain wyn davies in “forever knight” !!!

  8. Jason Dohring would have been my number 1 (who is not on this list)

    On this list I vote for Damon Salvatore

  9. This is tough. I like Mick, n’ I like Spike, n’ I even like the Gary Oldman’s version of Dracula. But if you’re going to make me choose, it’s Team Eric FTW!

  10. My vote = Nikola Tesla -> Jonathon Young

  11. Hi Solange 🙂 In that case, I hopw you enjoy today’s Sexy Vampire!

  12. So many good choices! Well, you already picked 2 of my favorites, so I will have to go with Wesley Snipes from Blade! He is so intense in that movie.

  13. Don’t forget Aidan from Syfy’s Being Human!!!!

  14. James Marsters!

  15. James Marsters!

  16. i would have to say that from the list here it is James Marsters.
    everyone loves a bad boy right?

    i know this is probably way before most of your time but i want to say the sexiest Dracula i ever saw was Frank Langella in the 1979 version(he also played Dracula on stage). he was sooo Hot. even now he still isn’t bad for an older gentlemen.

    tammy ramey

  17. just repeat my post from last week. Spike is still the best choice out of the vampires listed.

    Tammy Ramey

  18. DAVID B AS ANGEL…I was obsessed with him from the time I was 12 to 21…/girly sigh



  19. definitely Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries

  20. i will repeat my post from march 3, Spike is stil the best Vamp. on the list. i mean not only is he sexy as hell , with the bad boy aditutde and the accent but in the end he falls in love with the girls and turns good(and into a ghost). what better romance is there?

    tammy ramey

  21. Wesley Snipes is my vote.

  22. Good morning! I vote for Gary Oldman as Dracula. Or Spike!

  23. Mick St. John and Lestat

  24. Michael Corvin a/k/a Scott Speedman – hands down. Love him!!

  25. Definitely 1st sould be Henry Finzroy (Blood Ties), you should add him here:) !!! (10)
    Rating 1-10:

    2nd Spike (7) / Lestat (QotD), (8) / Aidan (Being human US) / Damon (7) / Dracula (Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula played by Rudolf Martin + Dracula in Buffy:) s5e1), (9)

    3rd Mitchel (6) / Michael Corvin (6) / Dracula (Dracula (2006) with Marc Warren), (6,5:D)

    Just realised Bill isn’t here too, screw this:D How could you think of Eric and forget Bill:D (2nd, 9)

    wow, it wasn’t easy:D

  26. Stuart Townsend’s ‘Lestat’ was an absolute joy to behold. I’d love to be Jesse – *spoiler* -when he turned her. And those leathers💋😉

  27. I believe we’re missing an important character! How about my babe Joseph as Klaus Mikaelson?

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