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Yummy Mondays ~ Sexy #Vampire Spike

(Due to technical difficulties, this is brought to you on Tuesday.)

Week Five I give you the yummy bad-boy-turned-kind of good, Spike.

Don’t forget to check out Week 1 winner Mick St. John

Week 2 winner Eric Northman

Week 3 winner Sanctuary’s Nikola Tesla

Week 4 winner Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore

And GO VOTE!!! So I know who to put up next week 😉


 Mmm. Yum.

And don’t forget to stop in on Friday for the blog hop: over 120 authors and 2 grand prizes just for commenting 🙂

Yummy Mondays ~ Who wants SEXY?

I shared this picture at my last TRS (The Romance Studion) release party the other week.

I HAVE to share it again.

When I found this picture, I almost licked my laptop screen. I’ve been in love with this man since the mid 90’s, when he was Angel.

Then, a while back, I found him on my TV again in a kickin’ show as FBI Agent Booth.

But this picture… OMG.

Can I jump in that bathtub, right now?

I just wanna lick this man dry. And then tie him up in bed.

For a few years.

Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to feed him, while he’s making me happy, LOL.


***That is not my drool you see reflected on your computer moniter. I swear. Honest.***

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