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Help! Disturbing Images

I don’t know why, but I’ll create something (such as my #RomanceTradingCards) or this blog or my website, and I’ll love it.

But then, a bit of time goes by, and I don’t like it so much anymore. Take this blog. I changed it to the 3 columns so that I could add my books to the left.

Now, when I look at it, it annoys me.

Dunno why.

It also gives me issues when I want to add a picture to a blog post. Then, the whole page seems plastered by pictures.

*Le Sigh*

I’m also considering combining my blog and website into 1 site. I think that’ll make it easier to find what one wants, and less time for me to update (which means I might actually manage to fit it into my hectic schedule, LOL)

So, you tell me. Do you like the layout of my blog (regardless of the fact I haven’t actually updated my ‘Recent Releases’ since Dragos 3 came out).

Q4U: What do you like to see at an author’s website or blog?

How many of you are writers -vs- readers who don’t write?

What would you like to hear from me (or any author) on a blog?

Freebies, Giveaways and RELEASE PARTY TIME

Three major events this week in the life of Amber Kallyn.

If you’d like to win a free copy of my new release, Dragos: Burned, click HERE to enter the drawing Tuesday, 10/26. This will be an E-Book, format the winner’s choice


I will also mail you a personalized autographed cover card : )

And if you’re in the area, I will also be blogging at Got Romance Reviews.

This Friday I’m having a RELEASE PARTY!!!!

Friday 10/29, from 4pm to Midnight EST, I’ll be blogging and sharing excerpts HERE.

I will choose 4 winners from those who leave comments to win personalized prizes. All winners will recieve a personalized autoghraphed cover card for Dragos: Burned.

The other prizes are:

Personalized Autographed Medium Poster of Burned Cover

__[CK:GalleryViewLargerImage:1]__ Small 2011 Burned Calendar Magnet

__[CK:GalleryViewLargerImage:1]__Amber Kallyn Ball Cap

__[CK:GalleryViewLargerImage:1]__Amber Kallyn Book/Tote bag

__[CK:GalleryViewLargerImage:1]__Really, really big Amber Kallyn 2011 Calendar Magnet

The joys of release


Oh, um… not that kind 🙂

Not only do I have my beautiful cover, but this Friday, I also have my very first book coming out.

Woo Hoo!

Okay, I’m back and slightly calmer.

But it almost seems unbelievable. It doesn’t matter this has taken years to achieve. It still feels like it happened overnight. Just a few months ago I received my first contract. Last week, I got the most gorgeous cover.

And now, in just a few days, my baby will be out there in the world for all to see.


Learning ‘All About Marketing’. Wow.

Who woulda thunk there was so much to learn about such an innocent seeming topic. But with any publisher now-a-days, E or New York, they’re all asking authors to carry a heavy part of the marketing bucket.

I think my brain’s about to explode.

But I’m learning. And soon (hopefully for the love of sanity) it will become a familiar thing.

I read a great document sent to me by my publisher. The one thing stressed above all others was the time.

As authors, we need to get the most bang for our buck–not just money, but time.

So right now, Marketing is taking up a lot of time. But as I get the hang of it, I’ll find new ways to use the time to set up, then be able to keep the ball rolling with little effort. It’s finding that ‘downhill’ that I’m working on now.

You tell me, what is your favorite way to market?

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