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Yummy Mondays ~ Abs (NSFW)

It’s cold here in Arizona. Finally.

These pictures warmed me up, hopefully they’ll do the same for you. I was in an Ab mood today. Hmm. Not sure why *drools*.

























Who needs cocoa, right?


Yummy Mondays ~ Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all, and happy Samhain as well. This time of year I sometimes wish I lived in a place with four seasons, just so I could be surrounded by pretty trees turning reds and oranges. But these men make up for it, LOL 😉

Enjoy your holidays.

Yummy Mondays ~ Labor of Love

In honor of Labor Day, here are some yummy sweaty men ready to get to work.

Kekoa4-Jarrett-Rex barelywork5


Yummy Mondays ~ Take 2 David Boreanaz

Since he’s my most popular post, I’m giving you much more of David Boreanaz today.

Enjoy. *Mouth Waters*


Yummy Mondays ~ Back to School and Hot for Teacher

This sexy guy plays a teacher on Glee. Matthew Morrison, hello.

Wish I’d had teachers like this in school, LOL.

Matthew Morrison featured on cover of ‘Details’, show sexy abs at the beach (4)

Yummy Mondays ~ Give me some spice

I love this man, although now every time I think of him, a picture of Puss, hat in hand, eyes so wide, comes to mind, LOL.



Yummy Mondays ~ Orlando Bloom

Elf ears or a priate’s sword, this guy can rock it 🙂

Yummy Mondays ~ Ride em’ cowboy

In honor of the lovely mountaintop weekend I just spent writing, I’m in the mood for some cowboys.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any at the cabin, but the cool weather and trees and horses I did see put me in a strange mood 🙂

And cause they’re so cute…

Yummy Mondays ~ Timelessly Clooney

Another man in this short series of timeless and still handsome men.

He doesn’t need an introduction at all. Here’s George:

George Clooney 2 Wallpaper (176x220)

George Clooney 3 Wallpaper (176x220)

I saw this and had to share.

Titled: God’s gift to Women 🙂

Yummy Mondays ~ Give me green

I loved this guy in Blade Trinity. He’s just so bad-guy-turned-good yummy. Now, he’s the star of Green Lantern, a movie I can’t wait to see when my boy’s get back from summer camp. (If I saw it with out them, they’d attack rabidly, LOL)

The yummy Ryan Reynolds, folks. Salivate happily. Man, this hottie is RIPPED.

Sexy Male Body

Yummy Mondays ~ Mouth watering

This man has made my heart flutter since I was in my teens. I don’t know how old he is ~ and I don’t want to know, LOL. That would date me.


Boy, how I love Johnny Depp 🙂

Yummy Mondays ~ On Tuesday

K, so I’m still waiting for this whole vacation thing about summer to begin. The kids are keeping me busy… and I didn’t get this up on Monday.

I’m only 44 minutes away though, LOL.

This week, I have the sexy Matthew McConaughey. And, in summer tradition…


















And, one more 😉


Yummy Mondays ~ Say hi to our Soldiers

In honor’s of Memorial Day, I’m doing a giveaway here.

And, for your viewing pleasure:

Because it’s too cute to resist : )

Who needs to be served???

Mmm, dark chocolate.

Too HOT to handle.

Tired after a long day. Bet he’d wake up for a HUGE thank you, LOL.

And again, Thank You, to all the soldiers * men and women* who have laid down everything they had to give ~ including their lives ~ for our freedom. And also, thank you to all the sexy men who have served not only our country, but the camera, LOL

~ Amber

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day

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