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Yummy Mondays ~ In honor of those who serve

First I have to say, it is an honor to know those who have served for our freedom. We are so lucky, that sometimes we take our rights for granted.

It’s wonderful to have that ability.

So here’s a HEARTFELT thanks to all thos who have served, those who were lucky enough to make it back home, and those who lost their lives, fighting for us all.

Happy Memorial Day!

Go out and give those you know a big hug and thank you.

Then enjoy this Yummy Monday 🙂



Yummy Mondays ~ Say hi to our Soldiers

In honor’s of Memorial Day, I’m doing a giveaway here.

And, for your viewing pleasure:

Because it’s too cute to resist : )

Who needs to be served???

Mmm, dark chocolate.

Too HOT to handle.

Tired after a long day. Bet he’d wake up for a HUGE thank you, LOL.

And again, Thank You, to all the soldiers * men and women* who have laid down everything they had to give ~ including their lives ~ for our freedom. And also, thank you to all the sexy men who have served not only our country, but the camera, LOL

~ Amber

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day

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