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Amber Kallyn’s New Newsletter


Sadly, my newsletter list was deleted by the service I used to use, and I’m unable to get those emails back.

If you were previously signed up to receive my book news, you may not be any more.




I’ll be sending out lots of book news in the upcoming months, so if you want my book news to come straight to your inbox, make sure you’re still signed up 😀


Click HERE to sign up!


~ Amber



Hey all,

So today I will be sending out my very first Newsletter. I plan on sending one every 1-2 months, with maybe an occasional special news update as well.

I like the format of giving back, so in each newsletter, I’ll include a serial story only for subscribers, a recipe or two, information on where to find me and how to win stuff, and each month, I’ll hold a subscribers only contest for cool prizes, including sometimes a free book.

If you’d like to join, email me: amberkallyn (@ ) gmail (dot) com

***Here’s the blahs

I will never sell or do anything with your email address other than email you my newsletter and an occasional update. If you ever want to stop getting my newsletter, just email me and I’ll take you off the list. I would prefer to know why you’re leaving, just cause I’m a curious cat and I hate disappointing people. And all the other blah, blah, blahs that go into fine print.

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