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What to write next???

Sometimes, it’s hard figuring out what I want to work on next. The ideas are plentiful, so mostly it comes down to what’s calling to me the loudest (at least, when I’m not working on something already contracted :).

I don’t like being in between things. It makes me feel at a loss. Things get a bit blue as my muse falls silent and allows my internal editor to start squawking his not-very-nice crap. He can make it hard to find the motivation to start on something new.

The nice thing is, as I play with the ideas and one begins to call out, my muse wakes up and tells that editor to shut up. Then, I begin work and life itself seems to pick up its pace.

The rollercoaster of an artist, I guess.

So, my Q4U:

 Writers, how do you feel between projects? If it’s a down feeling, how do you overcome it?

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