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Happy Friday the 13th and Homework! What???

Good news:

Happy, happy, Friday the 13th. It’s my favorite day ever.

Probably because my favorite number is 13, and I love the alternatives to superstitions.

I had a black cat once. We got him from the pound. Not only was he the smartest cat I’ve ever known, but he was a straw stealer. If you set a cup down with a straw, 2 seconds later the straw was gone. And his favorite pasttime was fetching thrown straws. Man, I sure loved him. Unfortunately, he ran away during one of the many moves my mother forced upon me during my childhood. I sure hope he found a good home.

* * *

And the bad news.

So, somewhere in the past few weeks, I lost one of them. The other day, I checked the calendar, sure I had 3 weeks to finish up my 7 classes and all my finals.

Then, somehow, I see I only have 2 weeks.


I don’t know where that other week went, but the last few days — and the next couple — I’m kicking my own ass and getting down to the business of homework.

We’re talking all day. Yes.

7 hours while the kids are at school, and back to it in the evenings.

Damn it. Where did the time go??

I’ll *hopefully* be back to my regular program next week. Hopefully. Crap. Can my classes be over and my finals be done yet?

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