Happy Friday the 13th and Homework! What???

Good news:

Happy, happy, Friday the 13th. It’s my favorite day ever.

Probably because my favorite number is 13, and I love the alternatives to superstitions.

I had a black cat once. We got him from the pound. Not only was he the smartest cat I’ve ever known, but he was a straw stealer. If you set a cup down with a straw, 2 seconds later the straw was gone. And his favorite pasttime was fetching thrown straws. Man, I sure loved him. Unfortunately, he ran away during one of the many moves my mother forced upon me during my childhood. I sure hope he found a good home.

* * *

And the bad news.

So, somewhere in the past few weeks, I lost one of them. The other day, I checked the calendar, sure I had 3 weeks to finish up my 7 classes and all my finals.

Then, somehow, I see I only have 2 weeks.


I don’t know where that other week went, but the last few days — and the next couple — I’m kicking my own ass and getting down to the business of homework.

We’re talking all day. Yes.

7 hours while the kids are at school, and back to it in the evenings.

Damn it. Where did the time go??

I’ll *hopefully* be back to my regular program next week. Hopefully. Crap. Can my classes be over and my finals be done yet?

About Amber Kallyn

Amber Kallyn is the author of paranormal erotic romances and urban fantasy.

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