Life and times… how they change

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Last winter, I had a major change in life.

Like, an unexpected move, among other things.

Yeah, it sucks.

But the move is done (even if the unpacking seems to never end).

The good news is I’m back to writing.

I’ve missed it. Writing is my outlet, where I get to be creative, get to know new people and their unique lives, and go on adventures with them for the length of my books.

The best news for the many  who have been asking (thanks, it makes me feel awesome to know you’re waiting), is Magicstorm, Heart of a Vampire #4 is now in edits. I expect a release date in late April.


I also expect to start blogging again!

And if you’re signed up to get my newsletter, there will be some yummy goodness coming your way later this month 🙂

About Amber Kallyn

Amber Kallyn is the author of paranormal erotic romances and urban fantasy.

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  1. Yeah! I knew you were moving. Maybe you get will some tweets up about #Dark Storm – Heart of a Vampire #3? I have tried to get a couple in. Hope its sales did well. Hope you like your new place.

  2. Congratulations, Amber — I’ve had two major changes in my life two years in a row, so I understand what you’re going through. Nancy Goldberg Levine

  3. Hey Lyssa,

    Thanks so much! I’m still working on catching up on my ToDo list, but the tweets are on it 🙂 And I’m LOVING the new house 😀

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Thank you. Changes can be tough, just got to get through them, right? Best of luck to you!

  5. Glad you’re back to writing! Yay!

  6. Me too, LOL. Thanks, Veronica!

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