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This is how we do it

I know there’s a song with that line. But, since I primarily listen to country, that’s about the only bit I know.

If you talk to twenty writers, and ask them about their road to publication, you’ll get twenty different answers. So, I can only comment on me.

Like most, I’ve always been in love with the written word. I’m a voracious reader, devouring a novel a day (speed reader). About five years ago, after being a stay at home mama for a couple of years, I sat down one day and announced to my husband, I’m going to write a book.

He looked at me with a smile and said, “Go for it. You’ll be great.”

Little did either of us know how long and arduous the journey would be. I started a book, hated everything about it, and soon lost interest.

About a year later, the voices in my head demanded attention and refused to shut up. It took me a while to get a good portion down on the page. I still hated it, and tried to revise and revise those first three chapters. Finally, I found out about critique groups.

Those first experiences were horrible.

But with time and patience and great people, I began to find my way.

To date, I have completed 2 Urban Fantasy novels, 1 Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel, 1 Novella, and 1 final draft of a YA Fantasy. I have others in different stages of completion, I’ll get back to them eventually.

For about 9 months, I’ve been querying my UF novel. Sometimes there is good news, other times not so good. I have to take it as it is.

And now, I’m going to be published in Paranormal Erotic Romance. They’re even interested in buying more of my novellas, the continuation of the Burned series, and others that I have “In The Works”

Whoda thunk?

Busy bees…


I admit to being a fast writer. Still working on my drafts being cleaner, but there’s improvement with each new story I write.

Recently, I got a request from an editor for one of my erotic paranormal romance novellas. And one of the novels (different editor).

Then, there were these calls for submission for a couple of anthologies.

Short stories?

Hell, not me.

I’ve managed to write a grand 1 (one) short story when trying.

But this, erotic romance, I’ve found I can do. I mean, I sat down this past week and wrote 2 short stories and submitted them to different anthologies.

(PS. Hoping to hear soon, but we all know publishing, right?)

So what makes it so different, that my fantasy, urban or otherwise, and my romance, paranormal of course, just seems to require a longer medium? But erotica I seem to be able to cut shorter?

I’d think plot, but some of my readers specifically commented that what they liked most about my stories was the plot.

Any ideas readers???

…And, hopefully I’ll have some good news to share in the upcoming months. Then, I’ll get to bug ya’ll to read my stuff 🙂

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