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What I recently learned about Twitter

A few months ago, I started using Twitter. I followed people in the writing industry, and others I found interesting. #ff really works, cause I found some great people to follow there, too. I got up to quite a few people I followed.

As the numbers grew, I didn’t have the time to stay caught up. I started getting on less and less, feeling guilty. One day, I commented to a friend about it.

She said something very wise, even if it did make me feel my blonde roots.

 You don’t have to read every tweet, or respond to every tweet.

 What? Wow. Who knew?

 I think this is why it became such a time suck for me — so much so I ended up taking a bit of a hiatus. I couldn’t keep up.

 I read an article recently about social media. One of the #1 rules was — don’t feel guilty about not reading everything.

 It hit me hard, because that was exactly what I’d been doing. Trying to read every post, all 24 hours, in the limited time I had. It took me hours every day.

 And most the time, I was only reading — not replying, though I did some retweeting.

I’ve recently started going on Twitter again. I still feel a bit of guilt for not keeping up with everyone I follow, but I have to remember, I only have so much time in the day. At least now, I have time to tweet my own tweets, reply to others and retweet the stuff I find really interesting 🙂

It’s become fun again, and I think that’s the point of Twitter. Being fun.

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