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Woot! Back to school Time

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While the past few weeks have been SUPER BUSY getting everything ready for school to start back up for the kidlets, the day is almost here. They go back this week, which means I’ll soon have my days back to get writing and other work done.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE summer time when the kids and I get to spent so much awesome time together.

But, at the end of summer, I do really look forward to having my time back, LOL.

So, for those of you with kids going back to school, enjoy!!!

#AmWriting and the dog days of summer

Over at The 7 Evil Dwarves, Dreamer and Red Dwarf have talked about the “ideal” writer’s life.

I read their posts and had to laugh.

Sure, I’d love to wake up at my preferred time (noon-ish), schlup around the house while drinking at least two pots of coffee, then gently ease into a comfy chair and write for hours, only broken by eating and refilling the coffee pot.

HA! I say.

Instead, here I am, in the dog days of summer.

Between the weather and wrangling my kids all day, I’m lucky to squeeze in an hour of writing at night, after the required hours of summer time tug-o-war to get them to bed 😉

It’s also hard to jump back in the saddle of both writing and blogging after the past few many months when life has interfered so much I’ve barely been writing at all.

So, what is your “perfect” writing day, or for readers, your perfect reading day, like?

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