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Wicked Warriors Halloween Hop: October 23 – 30 ~ Win a Kindle @AmberKallyn


 1 Kindle Paperwhite and 5 autographed copies of Unbound…so there will
be 6 winners!!

Go HERE to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway and keep hopping!

And don’t forget to leave a comment here, with your email, to enter to win my own prize, a $10 Amazon Giftcard 🙂

Wicked Warriors.

Sounds yummy!

I can’t choose my favorite warrior from my own books, it just doesn’t seem right. And there are so many warriors I love from other authors, pinning down one of them is impossible.

So, my Q4U: Who’s your favorite wicked warrior? And if that’s as hard for you to answer as it is for me, what’s your favorite kind of warrior (ie human, vampire, wolf shifter, ect)?

Leave your answer in the comments, with your email, to enter to win my own prize, a $10 Amazon Giftcard 🙂

Happy Easter : )

I love easter. Not only because my family spends time together making easter eggs, and cooking a yummy ham dinner, but also…

Hiding the Eggs!

We usually go to the park with kites, and bubbles.

By bedtime, we’re all tired and happy.

So today, that’s what I’m wishing ya’ll.

A Happy, tiring, but family and love filled Easter.

(With lots, and lots, and lots of chocolate, my second favorite part of Easter 🙂

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