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Interesting #askagent answers

Interesting #askagent conversation on twitter the other night. I happened to see one going on, and decided to ask a question.

I asked about e-publishing credits, and if agents saw them as a reallygood thing. There was some confusion about e-published through an actual e-publisher versus self-publishing, so I’m not sure how accurate the answers I received were.

But one agent said they’re meaningless to her, though that might change in the future. She also qualified her answer in that she reps YA & MG.

Everyone is pretty familiar with the fact that e-books are exploding. The biggest sellers are romance and erotica (and any combination thereof).

I’d really like to hear the opinion of agents who rep adult, namely urban fantasy, since that’s what I’m shopping to them 🙂


What have you heard about e-publisher credits and shopping for an agent?

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