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Contests Pro’s on entering

So, you’ve decided to enter some contests. You’ve polished your first pages/chapters until they shine. You’ve found contests that give feedback, with at  least 3 judges, and final round is with editors and agents.

Good luck.

So now, what can you expect?

The feedback from first round judges is normally pretty useful. Sure, sometimes you’ll get the judge who was having a crappy day and took it out on your pages, but overall, it’s usually a great experience.

You got a critique from experienced people.

Now, you advance to the next round.

Congrats, you’re a finalist. One of the few.

You’ll probably get feedback from the agent/editor judges, though it won’t be very expansive. It’s still usually enough to see what a professional thinks of your work, and the area’s you need to improve.

This is invaluable.

BUT, keep in mind, as with everything in this industry, it is also subjective opinion.

Now you get the call. You won!

The agent and editor both want a full.

Are you ready?

This leads me to the con’s about contests and traps to avoid.

See you next time.

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