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Bloodstorm #Vampries Blogtour wrap-up & Thanks

First, I have to say a huge


to everyone for your support during my Bloodstorm release & blog tour. Wow, it was amazing.

I had over 20 stops, with some bumps along the way, LOL. But everyone was great, and so many people not only showed up, but followed the tour 😉

My final prizes are for the blog hostess with the most comments, and the blog commenter who left the most comments.

Urban Girl Reader won the $20 hostess prize, WOOT!!

Now, for the $20 most commenter winner.

Here’s where it got complicated. You see, remember the ‘over 20 blog stops’?

There were 2 lovely ladies who hit nearly every single post.

I couldn’t choose between them (using

So, I’ve decided to give both ladies a gift card, as a tie 🙂

Sarah & Tina, you’ll get the certificates through email.

Thank you all for your support. Two weeks after release day, Bloodstorm hit Amazon Bestseller lists, Woot!

I love my readers, they’re the Very Best!!! ❤ ❤

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