Red’s Wolf (PNR)

Beware ~

This Paranormal Romance short story series contains intense romance and spicy love scenes.

2_FB Page Cover_Red's Wolf - Now avail_both covers

A short story/novella series.

Free to Read on Kindle Unlimited 😀

.                                    Reds Wolf 1-5_Final_ copy                       Reds Wolf 6-8_Final

Most know of me, or at least have heard my tale.
Certainly you would recognize my crimson cloak, perhaps you have even been regaled by tales of my battles against the wolves.
But as with most stories, that is only part of my life.
If you are truly curious, then sit for a while. Join me and discover for yourself the truth about the woman with the dark red riding hood.   

  ***At the moment, this series is only available at

***Important Note*** This series was published prior to 2015, but has been completely remastered (rewritten and reedited) into new stories. If you previously purchased stories 1-3, please see the comprehensive note at the bottom for more info.***

Click on the cover to see each story at Amazon

.           Reds Wolf 1_Final     Reds Wolf 2_Final     Reds Wolf 3_Final     Reds Wolf 4_Final     Reds-Wolf-Kindle

.           Reds Wolf 6_Final    Reds Wolf 7_Final    Reds Wolf 8_Final


***Important Note***

In 2016, I planned on continuing the stories in Red’s series.

When I go back to write in one of my series, I reread from the beginning, to get back into the world/characters, and so on. I did that with Red’s Wolfs, and was horrified.

For anyone who previously purchased this story in 2012, my apologies. I found far too late the entirely wrong, pre-edited file had accidentally been uploaded, and the final files went missing. I wasn’t able to rewrite the stories until now. However, due to the numerous (almost complete) changes, Amazon required I not replace the existing files, but upload as “new” works.

This means, I cannot push the updated files to you. Amazon would require you repurchase each story.

What to do

  1. If you are on Kindle Unlimited, you can get the first three (all, really) stories for free on Amazon.
  2. If not, or if you do not have a kindle, email me at with a screen shot or picture showing the cover(s) of the previous story(s) on your device. I will email you a copy of the story, at no cost. I  have .mobi available. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can always read using the free App on your phone or other computer device 🙂

I hope you enjoy your time with Sami and Jonah.


Amber Kallyn

  1. Hi Amber, I can’t find Red’s Wolf volume 3 anywhere. Can you please advise where I can find this? Thanks

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