How to help West, Texas Info from @RachelFirasek

Rose Free Stock PhotographyIt’s been a sad time lately, from Boston to Texas, MIT and mother nature.

While when shitty, horrifying crap like this happens, one good thing can come out of it. People band together! They show their love for their fellow man in any way they can.

If you’re looking into doing something to help out someone affected by the tragedies last week, I say awesome.

And if you’d like to help those in West, Texas, here are some great ways to do it!




Hey guys,

I’m a member of the West Community and I wanted to give everyone an update. I actually live about 10 miles away, but my children go to school in West and my
husband grew up there. We felt the blast all the way at our house. The noise was deafening, even that far away. We’re still desperately waiting for word on
names of the fallen. I know that my hubby has already lost one cousin and a very good friend is in critical condition.

My kids will finish the school year at schools 30 miles away. It’s going to be a hectic next few weeks for all of our family and friends, but this is a tight
community and they are already rallying. 

 Many author friends have contacted me to find out what can be done from the neighboring states. At this point, our resources (meaning food and goods)
are overstocked. We’re having to find storage facilities for the overage–that’s a good thing, because clean up crews will be here for weeks.

What we really need is cash donations. There are many funds set up, and you can give through the Red Cross or you can donate money to the relief at Point West Bank & Trust (254) 826-5333 or State National Bank (254) 826-3741.

If you’d like to make a donation to the education program that we so desperately need, I’ve saved a flyer that the school sent us.

We lost three of the four schools. The only thing left is the elementary school.

Please don’t feel obligated, but I know how wonderful my online community is, and I wanted to pass on the word. Thanks for anything you can do for these

Hugs to everyone!

Rachel Firasek

True Love Devastates

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, my friend!

  2. Thanks so much for the info, I was having a hard time finding a place to donate.

  3. Hi William,
    Awesome ~ I’m so glad we could help with that 🙂

  4. Hello there! My name is Manuel and I’m the owner of Tru Colors Professional Painting here in Dallas,TX. I’m born and raised here in TX and after what happened in West, Myself and my Team are really wanting to help our fellow Texans. We want to donate paint and possibly paint a few buildings there once they’re ready to be painted. I need someone to cantact in order to make this happen. please let me know what we can do or who to talk to. thank you!

  5. Hi Manuel,

    Thanks for the comment and for wanting to help out. In the post above, thereis contact information for a few people. I don’t know who to put you in touch with directly, but they might be able to help.


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