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Interview with Shane Spencer, the hero of Bloodstorm.

Amber: Hi, everyone. *waves* So glad you could stop by. And thanks for chatting with me and Shane today.

Shane: *Swaggers in and takes off his cowboy hat, then sits across the table*

Amber: Hey, Shane. Thanks for swinging by.

Shane: “No problem.” *Shifts uncomfortably*

Amber: Can I ask you a few questions?

Shane: “You can ask.” *raises an eyebrow as if warning me not to get too personal*

Amber: *Shivers* So you’re an Apache Shaman, right? How does that work?

Shane: “The magic comes from the Earth and is passed down from father to son.

Amber: But you have an older brother who was supposed to inherit, right?

Shane: “Yes.” *Scowls*

Amber: Why do you think it skipped him?

Shane: “Everything comes down to the Fates.”

Amber: And you’re a big believer in fate?

Shane: “The Fates. They like to screw with people, but things generally turn out in the end. My brother will find his path.”

Amber: One can hope.

Shane: *Glowers* “You better make sure it does.”

Amber: *swallows as his eyes heat up and glow golden* I-I’ll try.

Shane: *Nods decisively*

Amber: How do you balance your duties between your tribal obligations, being the town sheriff, and an appointed Keeper of the Peace by the Magic Council?

Shane: “It’s not easy, especially when duties conflict. I guess it’s just doing my best. Being the sheriff in such a small town isn’t hard. Keeping the peace between the werewolves and vampires however…”

Amber: I can imagine. Has it changes since you fell in love with a Vampire?

Shane: *smiles* “Not really. Niki knows where my duties lie. Besides, she’s not on anyone’s side either.”

Amber: What it’s like to have a vampiress as your true love.

Shane: “Niki is stubborn and feisty, but I like that about her. We have a normal relationship, the only difference between us and mortals is she likes to have me for dinner.” *eyes twinkle as if thinking about last night*

Amber: *Grins* How does it feel to have her drink your blood?

Shane: “Delicious.” *voice deepens* “It’s a bond, a connection no mortal could feel.”

Amber: Since you’re not a vampire, how does her strength affect your relationship?

Shane: “It doesn’t. She knows the powerful magic I bring to the table. It’s a non-issue.”

Amber: One of your magics is harnessing the spirit of your totem animal, right?

Shane: *Shifts in the chair * “Yes. I can call on brother bear’s power.”

Amber: *Leans forward* What happens when you do?

Shane: “It’s as if his spirit enters my body. It’s not like a shapeshifter, exactly, though some with spirit vision can see his shape just above my own. He allows me to use his strength.”

Amber: Since both you and Niki are long-lived, tell me how you keep the relationship interesting.

Shane: *Raises his brow again* “With a woman like Niki by my side, things never get dull. She wouldn’t allow it.”

Amber: Could you give me an example?

Shane: “No.”

Amber: *Fidgets under the intense stare* Okay, well thanks for answering some of my questions.

Shane: “No problem. Just remember what I said about my brother.” *After a nod, pushes to his feet*

Amber: Will do. *Watches him swagger away trying not to fan self*

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Amber Kallyn is the author of paranormal erotic romances and urban fantasy.

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  38. Shane sounds great! And don’t let him bully you into fixing his fate or his brother’s, lol. Tell him to turn that frown upside down 🙂

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  39. It was great getting to know Shane.


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