Yummy Mondays ~ Sexy #Vampires ~ Sanctuary’s Nikola Tesla

Happy Viewing! Week 3 winner is Sanctuary’s Nikola Tesla for Misa.

Don’t forget to check out Week 1 winner Mick St. John

Week 2 winner Eric Northman

And GO VOTE!!! So I know who to put up next week 😉


About Amber Kallyn

Amber Kallyn is the author of paranormal erotic romances and urban fantasy.

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  1. I adore Nikola. From his disparaging remarks about the “children” (“Booty and the Beast” still makes me giggle) to that impeccable dress sense and his obsession with wine.

    He doesn’t sparkle or angst in a dark corner. No, ladies, Nikola is all about scheming to rebuild the empire and take over the world – exactly how a vampire should be.

    And how can you not fall for a guy who’s been in love for more than a century and is STILL waiting for her? Who wouldn’t kill for that kind of devotion? Stuff Angel and Mick and Eric and even Spike – Nikola is my kind of vampire, thank you very much 😀

  2. Good morning Misa.
    You’re very welcome. I don’t watch all that much TV, but Sanctuary has been on my list for a while. Nikola does sound very Yummy, a ‘traditional’ vampire and devotion? Heck yeah 🙂

  3. Oh! Nikola Tesla! -Shudders all over- Sexiest vamp of all time!
    Eric Northman is the second sexiest, I think.

    But Nikola… Ooooooh. Exactly what a vampire should be. Soooo sexy.

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